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Read First
Basic Needs

No way, I am me, I was never somebody else, nor will I ever be.
That was me before I researched the subject and even delved into my own past lives. Its hard as human beings to accept that we were not always “us” as we see ourselves, we don’t want to loose who we are! When in truth the essence that makes you, you, will always be there. You are always yourself deep inside, you just change costumes, and play different characters. Reincarnation is fascinating. Please research the subject for yourself and perhaps also attempt to gain insight by researching your own past lives! It doesnt hurt to try.

Reincarnation is the idea that the soul continues to incarnate into different bodies endlessly. Well not exactly endlessly. We come back again and again to learn things, some learn more quickly than others; others prefer to study in the spiritual realm; some of us choose difficult situations to learn, others choose them to balance out their bad karma. It is amazing.

There are cases of many children who have memories from their previous lives. Some even exhibit xenoglossy, speaking foreign languages they have never encountered (in this lifetime). The people and places they often describe can be researched and proven accurate, unfortunately this usually happens in the East where reincarnation is accepted, most American familys would encourage the child to stop "telling stories" or that they were just dreaming I believe that reincarnation was taken out of the Bible due to religious control. If people thought this was not the only time they would live then they may not work as hard, they might not do what the church told them. Control.

Whether you choose to believe in reincarnation or not does not matter really, but don’t totally reject if without proper research first. Eastern cultures hold this idea true, and westerners run around during their short lives trying to accumulate as much wealth as they can, trying to get ahead of the ‘other guy’. Feeling rushed and horrified at the thought of aging. This is all unnecessary when we realize we must come back in with nothing and take no part in the wealth we accumulated in another lifetime.

Focus on what ever is really important to you, not to the world, or somebody else, focus on what you love, be it rocket science, or gardening.