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Read First
Basic Needs

Live life to the fullest, do not rush, enjoy the scenery, the feeling, the good times, and learn to weather the bad.

On earth we can FEEL, we can HURT, that’s what its all about, don’t seek it out, but don’t shun it either. Do not be afraid to begin a relationship because you may be hurt, do not seal yourself off from the world do be in your own shell. It is counter productive.

Help others, you can do more than you think. Just lend a helping hand, good deeds are rewarded. Even if not here, you will reap the benefit of seeing yourself committing loving acts of kindness after you leave the earth, and you will be able to feel the love and gratitude from the people you helped. So be good to others and do not be afraid to out stretch your hand.

Don’t believe there is a such thing as a life review…fine. Good deeds rewarded or not, are a form of creating positive energy. I was once driving from a library in a really bad mood, and proceeded to leave the parking lot. As I was pulling out, a woman was pulling in, and looked me directly in the eye, and smiled a smile that could light up the world. Instantaneously all arrogance, and anger subsided, and I was happy, just as happy as she was. Her life force was contagious, and I caught it, and spread it on even further. And it continues…

When it comes time to deal with death of others, just be there for them. Do not run away and hide. We all have to face death, do not let them face it alone. Be brave. Americans often do not often think about it, until it come up to bite the proverbial ass, so teach your children about it and do not teach fear, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. When it comes time for your death do not be afraid, you have learned a lot here and will continue to gain knowledge all along with way. Sometimes I think about how all we are surrounded by… (not just the plants and animals) the tiles on the floor, the glass, the vehicles, trains, airplanes, and all their components were derived from this natural green planet. I also know we are all a part of a cycle here (talking physically) and will return to the earths elements like everything else will. Spiritually I believe we continue to eternity.