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Read First
Basic Needs


Forget the books, do what feels right for you. Relax, breathe, stretch, whatever you want. Make it quiet, or play smooth soothing music. I think with our busy lives we should all take some time to relinquish the negative blockage that has accumulated through our day.
Heres one way to medicate: I often attempt to relax every muscle in my body, and then proceed to become paralyzed. That is I don’t move, not an inch, I keep reminding myself that I do not feel my arms legs or body, I try to just clear my mind completely. Untrained minds wander, so it is good to just keep yourself focused on not focusing on anything.

Astral travel may occur when meditating, but more often it occurs spontaneously during sleep… this is another topic all together, but I do recommend astral projection, it can change your life. Meditation and controlled breathing can reap many health rewards for people who suffer from daily stress and anxiety. Most people end their session refreshed whether they fell asleep or not. So whats the hurt in trying?