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Read First
Basic Needs

A resounding theme, love one another. Learn to love yourself, once you have mastered this, love everyone as you love yourself. No matter what we are born into, or what has become of our lives, we must not allow ourselves to become bitter and angry at God, the universe, or any other force other than ourselves. We are responsible for our on actions, each person is in a sense a GOD or GODDESS. They are the master of their own bodies and destinies.

But you cant possibly love everyone right? You may very well feel that way, but at least try and not indulge in the negative aspect of any relationship, do not feed off of the adrenaline high you get when you fight with a spouse/friend/enemy. Its not healthy, and life is too short to remain stuck in draining drama.

Pray often, but meditate just as often if not more than you would pray. They say prayer is like talking to God, and meditation is like listening. Listen to what they tell you. Be it God; Jesus Christ; a holy spirit; a guardian spirit; the masters; beings of light; etc. We call them different things, but in the end we all come from the same place, we come from the light!

Everyday be thankful because it could be worst…yes It could be worst. Some teenagers are so absorbed in their own existence that they seldom realize their life’s biggest problems are really no that bad. A young woman is depressed and contemplates slitting her wrists because her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, her life is over. Interesting how shameful she felt about her petty problems when her mother was diagnosed with cancerous nodes in her breast, and the ensuing months had to undergo chemotherapy, loosing her hair, looks, and livelihood. The young girls life has changed, she realizes she has the greatest gift, the gift of having excellent health, completely normal, and it is something to celebrate.

We all forget that it could be worst, and that reality is what we make it. True karma can cross over to punish the sinners, but also true is that through prayer and meditation you can overcome your past indiscretions and behold the grace of God.

Do not fear death, death is not the end, its just a change, and a very welcome one, because we are going HOME! There we will be reenergized and ready to face what lies ahead. No need to wait until death for a life review either, it is never too late to apologize for a wrong committed decades ago or even yesterday. Forgive others so that you may also be forgiven.