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Read First
Basic Needs

Hey at least it only comes around once in a lifetime!
Just kidding.
Many human beings have a misconception about death. Darkness, coldness, pain, sorrow. These emotions all come to mind when we think of death. It would be better to think of death as a return. A return to where we began. Did we not begin as souls in heaven, or spirits from the light? Death is only scary because we do not know what happens next. Oh, but we do! There have been numerous near-death studies performed and most people have the same experience. Floating or flying above the body and then being drawn into a tunnel or light. There they enter the spirit world and all its wonders are realized. Often they are told to come back and reluctantly do so.

Death is not the end, its not the beginning, it is a transition. A transition into the spirit world for renewal and healing. Once we heal we can go on and learn more in the spirit world, or choose to come back to burn off some bad karma, or learn more lessons on earth. Old souls have been here on earth many many times over, new souls did more work on the spiritual level. We were all guardian angels, and we can return to do so. We are here now though because we are brave and would like to learn fast and furious. YES! Thatís the way to put it because the physical world is the most difficult. We have to overcome the temptations of the flesh and listen to our psychic inner promptings as well.

We all have to die someday so it is important for us to live righteously while we are here. Help others, Love one another, and be someone who reflects light, not darkness. Fill yourself with positive energy everyday and appreciate your time on this earth.

Sure, all of this sounds oh so ideal, and easier said than done. Well, all I can say is do your best with the life you are living, thereby having no regrets when its time to go. In other words donít hold back: go on that skiing trip, donít put it off for work; live life; enjoy lifes riches; MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS; and thanks for visiting my little piece of webspace.