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Latest dates for street vending:

Sunday October 25th
South side of the MET!
I will be on 5th ave guys right over where the other artists set up their tables in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is on 5th ave and 82nd on the east side of Central Park. This will be a short day from 1pm-6:30pm

There is something about street vending, it is more than selling work, the conversations with people are at times profound, it is amazing who the universe sends your way to give you that inspirational pep talk that you need, and im not talking inspiration to make art, I'm talking about inspiration to uplift an individual... stories of triumph or even failure, its all just so good and fulfilling. A redemption of sorts. To read about my little five questions project on the meaning of life from 2007, click here. Stay tuned, there will be another in 2009 complete with video interviews.

I set up all over NYC, in fact, I am going to be having a seven days of seven different spots in NYC coming to youtube very soon!
I often set up at Union Square park across from Whole Foods, and also have my new favorite place to set up at W 44th street and Broadway near times square on the side of Toys R Us. I recently began my foray to the MET and would like to explore SOHO and near MOMA...cops permitting!

NYC peeps, if you are here looking for a way to street vend, click here to apply for your certificate of authority.