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NYC Inspirations

NYC Inspirations campaign is the continuation of a good feeling I got when giving away one of my pieces to a fellow artist. It felt so good, I began the campaign NYC Inspirations to find seven inspirations in New York City and reward them with a specially designed piece of art with meaningful symbolism. Take note:

Below are links to the blogs written about this subject.
Coming up with the idea and
Designing the pieces:
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3

Optimistic beginnings gave way to a reality check, I havent lost hope, this was just a failed campaign and an interesting look into human nature for me.

I began this campaign with the intent of finding something I thought existed in NYC, artists creating art for the sake of art. True, the campaign may have been flawed due to its induction in the cold weather, but even after the spring arrived and the artists came out, they were mostly there for the MONEY, one artist did even outright rejected the butterfly person, she said that it was faceless and she didn’t want to carry it, she wanted money, I understand that, I also comprehend the fact that I am one little person in a big city and just most probably did not run into these souls which surely exist right? Nevertheless, after giving three of my inspirations to three musicians, and having one thrown back in my face, I decided to let someone who was deserving actually have the next three… I left them outside. When leaving the butterfly people outside in NYC they disappear quickly, and I may never know who owns them, but surely fate is more capable of deciding who would be appreciative than I could ever be.
I am still hopeful