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"It is my birthright to express myself creatively in ways that are fulfilling to me; it is my right to get to do what I want to do, not what others want me to do, and to feel good about it."
-Louise Hay

Affirmations are phrases of intent that you say and/or think over and over to get what you want. With belief behind them, they work to change lives. They are especially healthy in keeping mind chatter in check and on the positive.

Affirmations work because our mental thoughts and beliefs create our life experiences. If something "always" happens to you whether it be bad or good, its because you believe it to be so, and each time it happens it only strengthens your belief in it... if this thing is negative, it is important to dissolve the belief and create new, positive affirmations.
It is not hard to begin using affirmations because you are already using affirmations now and have been for years. Yes, affirmations are just thoughts you repeat, but we must be aware because the affirmations you have been using may not have all been best for you.

Words carry with them a huge amount of power, say it or think it and it shall be done, the universe gives what you ask for. Prosperity, love, HEALING, these will all take place if you only ask. It is believing in the power of the mind, not just repeating something. In actuality, deeply believing that you can do anything with your mind is the hardest part of making the positive changes you need in your life for the belief behind them makes it so. If you repeat the affirmations but inside you think, "this is baloney" then you are only contradicting yourself and preventing yourself from getting the things you SAY you want. Remember, if faith is present, you can never fail.

Some affirmations I often use:

I have infinite gratitude to the universe for providing me with everything I ask for.

Prosperity is a mental condition which I create in my mind, prosperity in love, money, health, security, they are all mine, whatever I choose to bring about comes about.

I am healthy, my body is strong and resilient.

I let go of all negative events and look forward to good ones, the past is in the past, old instances dissolve into beautiful new ones.

I am creative and expressive, I trust in life and approve of myself.

I am always working on myself. Criticism, fear, guilt, and resentment turn into compassion, tolerance, trust, understanding, and forgiveness.

I am a part of all things, I know that the will of the world leans toward the positive.

I take care of my body, I eat nutritious healthy foods, I exercise, and I get plenty of sleep.

My relationships are strong and get better with time.

I love and approve of myself, always.

Love is the answer to all problems.

Doors open before me and I get assistance from people I may not even know whenever I need it.

Success abundance prosperity!

Conception + Desire = _______

you manifest your thoughts so think thoughts that you want to materialize.