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Shaping Your Life With Your Thoughts

So everyone is wondering, how can Affirmation Figures help me live the life I want? Why does the artist claim that I can have a truly prosperous life if I just ‘think’ about it? Is this just a sales gimmick?

No, its not a sales gimmick, you don’t NEED Affirmation Figures to live the life you want, they can only help you because each time you look at them you will get a positive message and the more you think about the good stuff, the more good stuff happens. I have themes with my work, the most common words I use are good health, hope, strength, wealth, happiness, and success. I am a strong believer in manifestation because I have seen it work in my own life since I was a small child and want everyone in the world to discover it so that we can all live a life of equality. Prosperity is open and available to everyone if they will ask the universe for it, put it in their thoughts and be open to receive.

There are many ways in which we are taught in our society to actually reject the things that are good for us. My own personal example was with my upbringing I was told that, “Money is the root of all evil” or “People who have money are miserable… just look at celebrities.” This is the WRONG way of thinking it makes one feel that when they have less they are somehow spiritually and morally above other people and that is not the case, money is a wonderful thing and you can have as much as you want if you just are willing to receive it.

Think about how our own thoughts hold us back. Feeling that the world is against you, you cant make it, that people don’t like you etc. will only bring about exactly what you are focused on which in this case would be negativity and failure. EVERY THOUGHT COUNTS, I want us to remain positive so I make positive art, for these little creations are encircling the globe and will reach many peoples lives (they already have). By emblazoning an artist figurine with “I am living the life I have always wanted” this can become someone’s personal mantra. This can be the way individuals bring better people, more money, health, faith, and unlimited thinking into their lives, that is how Affirmation Figures can help you live the life you want and deserve!
-Pedro Ramirez Jr.