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The healers are small, no taller than a couple of inches, with very large heads in relation to body size, they have large, light-colored eyes in blue, green, gray, or brown with no pupils, or perhaps the pupils are the large light colored part. The faces of these creatures are reminiscent of small, adolescent children with an upturned nose and round, somewhat droopy cheeks. They have serious faces almost appearing sad, they are rather stoic beings.

They possess the innocence of a child coupled with the wisdom of the beginning of time. Astonishingly, they possess the ability to heal plants, animals, and people. Disease, pain, suffering are all eradicated when these amazing creatures are present. They sometimes carry with them stones or pouches/containers which have items with healing properties. They are always fully clothed in loose-fitting fabric. Indifferent to danger, when encountered in the wild they simply allow themselves to be captured. Only females have been observed.

The commonly held theory is that their large heads are the secret to their healing cognitive power which comes from the mind.

Case Study:
In Auburndale Florida right next to lake Ariana a woman named Susan Carter discovered she owned a healer that she picked up on fourteenth street when visiting NYC as a tourist. She was so ecstatic to discover that all her ailments and those of her family went away now that they owned this precious creature. She decided to capitalize on it and actually turned her home into a healing retreat which at first catered to everybody, but eventually with the reputation of her famous “healing room” in which the healer was secretly stored, she became internationally known and began catering to the super rich and celebrities. Months later, one of her guests had a curious child who while playing amongs the room one day, found the secret hiding spot that the healer was stored in, the little creature was in a glass container and the girl being curious reached for it. The jar fell releasing the healer which fled out the window, leaving the retreat with no healing abilities of its own. The woman went out of business for her guests stopped healing. She desperately went back to Union Square Park in NYC looking for more healers but the artist she brought them from was no where to be found. Some say that the healer came back and told her the power to heal was within her and that all she needed to do was believe in it, but she did not heed the advice.