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The co-gin are a type of butterfly people who really embody the inner child. They are fun, outgoing, shy, silly, full of life and innocence, they naturally want to be carefree all the time and never work, they accept life as it is and are content with that. The co-gin have cabbagepatch-like round faces with black dot eyes. Their arms and legs are usually plump and round with no sense of muscle tone beneath the surface and they are not in adult human proportion as they have large heads and short legs. Their blocky proportions remind one of the figures in the murals of Mexican Artist Diego Rivera. Quite often they have straight black hair and beige skin. They are very friendly and for that reason make great pets. They are here to remind us to pay attention to our inner child and have a carefree, fun time every now and again. They are eternally hopeful and positive, they never give up.

In the history of the butterfly people, these little guys have proliferated and their populations soared in 2007, being more abundant than any other species, taking first place next to the main species of much larger butterfly people. There was a strain with blue and white hair and blue eyes that proliferated for a while as well but has since died out.