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Much is known about the affirmations because they tend to enjoy interacting with people and basically telling us what to do. They are a bit overbearing and boisterous, commanding us to take heed to what they are all about which is of course affirmations. An affirmation is simply a positive assertion. The affirmations themselves are trying to teach humanity how to become more self aware of our thoughts and the images we allow into our psyche. They warn that mass media and obsession with the mundane will be the ruin of our kind. Affirmations come into the lives of people who they think will benefit from their presence. They often are nude with their bodies completely covered over in scribbles of various words or phrases, commonly:

Prosperity, success, mental, powerful strong mind, inner soul well attended to, physical -healthy robust body, freedom and creativity, joy, laughter, happiness, love and productive relationships, wealth and abundance.

They are preoccupied with the written, thought, and spoken word. Nothing is more important to them than words and thought images which they feel stem from words. They teach us to take quiet time to say things like, I am healthy or my life is full of abundant prosperity more than ever before. These phrases can alter brain wave activity and lead to actual manifestation of the said phrases. Conversely unfortunately negative thoughts can create bad situations so its good to stay positive and focus on what you really want.

The ideas apparent in these beings are not new ones, the law of attraction has been around for eons and the upsurge of its popularity in the realm of new age in publications like the secret and books by shakti gawain leads some to believe that these butterfly people are merely another jump on the bandwagon. Others think that they are little messengers sent here to save the human race from its materialistic western view points, which is countered by the fact that they promote material gain, they only disapprove negative, limited thinking/thought forms.

Case Study:
There are many accounts of the affirmations coming into the lives of people who needed them, from young, to old, and lives completely turning around, from people soaring out of a lifetime of debt, to others who quit their jobs to realize their dreams with success staring them in the face. It all started with reading the words on the figures and every time the people laid eyes on them, they rememberedů Prosperity, love, faith, positive attitude, and eventually these people found just those things.